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SpringBrook Community of Onalaska

How we're addressing Covid-19

SpringBrook Community of Onalaska is conducting  tours and taking new admissions. We have a modified admission process that ensures the health of both current and new residents. Please see our video below for more information.

View our video to see a closer look at how we are responding to the COVID-19 Pandemic here at SpringBrook Community of Onalaska

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Pandemic Admission Protocols

1.    Medical and Functional assessment will be done by SpringBrook personnel remotely if possible (to be determined by SpringBrook)

2.    Whenever possible, SpringBrook would like temperature and O2 readings for the 7 days prior to move in

3.    Resident must pass all health, travel, and exposure screening guidelines, and be free of COVID-19 symptoms

4.    Movers must pass all health, travel, and exposure screening guidelines, and be free of COVID-19 symptoms

5.    Movers will wear medical-grade procedure mask at all times while in building

6.    Resident will stay in their room for 14 days after admission 

7.    Resident will wear a medical-grade procedure mask whenever others are in the room

8.    Resident will have their temperature and symptoms checked twice daily by care staff

9.    Care staff will wear gloves and medical-grade procedure mask when providing care

10.    Two family members will each be allowed to visit once per week for up to 30 minutes for the first three weeks; it must be the same two family members for all three weeks

11.    To visit, family members must:

    pass all screening questions

    follow protocols (disinfect hands, etc.) 

    go directly to residents room

    touch as few surfaces as possible 

    not interact with other residents

    SpringBrook will provide surgical masks and gloves for visit

12.    Alternately, one family member will be allowed to stay up to five nights to help their loved one unpack and settle in.  

    Meals will be provided for both resident and family.  

    Family member should not leave facility unless taking loved one for an essential medical appointment

    Family member to follow all the same precautions as residents regarding face masks when in common areas, frequent hand washing, social distancing, etc.

13.    Life Enrichment will offer scheduled video chats three times per week for the first three weeks

14.    Life Enrichment will conduct 1:1 activities with resident 2-3 times per week during the first three weeks